Ribbon Blender

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Vacuum Design

vacuum ribbon blender
Vacuum Ribbon Blenders are custom designed to meet each customer’s special needs. This 1000L jacketed unit includes a highly custom cover and Hastelloy wetted parts.

Standard Design

standard ribbon blender
All blender covers are built to best suit the material handling needs of the installation. The end-hinged design permits full access for charging and cleaning.

Safety Grate

ribbon blender with safety grate
Safety Grate could prevent foreign objects from dropping into ribbon mixer and avoid hurt the machinery, also could protect the operators from the running machine.

150L Light Duty ribbon blender

300L light duty ribbon blender
Light Duty structure is designed for mixing materials with bulk density less than 0.6, usually for flour. This structure greatly save the cost.

1000L ribbon mixer

1000L ribbon blender
This is a 1000L ribbon mixer, all parts made of sus304 stainless steel, ordered by a UK chemical company