Ribbon Blender

Ribbon Blender Features

Standard Features

20L to 20000L capacity

Stainless steel wetted parts

Ribbon agitator for center discharge
Designed for atmospheric operation
80 grit finish on interior and exterior stainless steel surfaces
Two piece covers from 20 to 20000 liter for charging of raw materials with neoprene gaskets
Safety limit switches to prevent operation when covers are raised
Stuffing boxes with easily disassembled split housing
Teflon braided packing
Manually operated knife gate discharge valve
All exterior non-stainless surfaces are painted with a white two-part epoxy coating
Single speed drive

ribbon mixer

Optional Features

Wetted parts of carbon steel, stainless steel type 316 and special alloys
Continuous ribbon agitator for end discharge, interrupted ribbon for higher density materials, paddles for full or partial loads
Vacuum or pressure construction
Sanitary type construction
Cover openings as required
Spherical, Flush Type Ball and paddle discharge valves
Horsepower to suit higher density materials
Explosion-proof or washdown motors and controls
Controls such as inverters, motor starters, and operator stations are available
Electronic or mechanical soft start control systems
Spray nozzles for liquid introduction
Lumpbreakers for solids or agglomerates size reduction
Dimpled or baffled jackets for heating or cooling
Thermocouples for temperature readout
Special gasket materials such as Viton are available
Lantern rings for stuffing boxes